One Baby's Journey with End Stage Renal Failure

When Camden was born doctors discovered he had only one kidney that had been seriously damaged due to severe vesicoureteral reflux. After 2 months in the NICU, 9 surgeries and many more procedures, respirators, hemo and peritoneal dialysis, Camden was discharged with a final diagnosis of End Stage Renal Failure. For the first, almost, two years of his life Camden survived with the help of a feeding pump and a dialysis machine. He, very literally, needed to be hooked up to machines every night to survive. A month before he turned two, Camden was given the gift of life in a new-to-him kidney. Since transplant in the spring of 2013, Camden has experienced many ups and downs including two types of rejection and countless medical interventions. We've lost count of the surgeries and procedures he has had at this point, but what's more important...Camden is going strong. He is a fighter. Camden refuses to give up.

This website is dedicated to Camden and is intended to keep you all updated on his health and well-being! Please continue to send Cam your prayers and positive thoughts!

~The Moore Family


Camden’s Birthday- Let’s Celebrate

Today my family and I celebrate a day our life changed forever: the day Camden was born. 
We are so grateful for our Titanium Kiddo, his life, his spirit, his fight. Today we celebrate life. 
6 years ago on this day, I faced fear in a way I could never begin to express. This day marks the beginning of a journey I never asked for, one that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but one I wouldn’t give up for the world. Camden’s kidney disease catapulted me in to a world I never knew existed- but a world that has changed me to the very core of my being. 
6 years ago I learned my little boy was born in kidney failure. I remember one of the Neonatologists telling me that one day, the dialysis machines, the meds, the pumps, the tubes, the lab draws, the IVs, the hospital stays– all that would be normal. I politely told him to go fuck himself.
Normal is never the word I would use but I’m at a point where I see my son THRIVING and I can look back and say, damn, I am so proud of us, of Camden, of our strength, of our fight.
2 years ago Camden was granted a Wish by Make-A-Wish Oregon. Our trip to Disney World was a celebration of it all and a reminder that finding joy even in the deepest darkness brings hope, empowerment, inspiration, love, and connection. You can see more about Camden’s wish and it’s impact on our family here:
Will you help me celebrate Camden’s birthday, his life, his fight by helping grant wishes to other kids, just like Camden, who are fighting life-threatening illnesses? You can join us for the 2017 Walk or you can simply follow the link and donate. I’d deeply appreciate if you shared this post as well. Our goal is to raise $1500! Can you help?
Follow this link to donate:
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Happy 5th Birthday Camden!

5 years ago today our lives were forever changed upon the arrival of this sweet, spunky little fighter. Camden’s life and his fight against kidney failure has both challenged us to the core of our beings and given us incredible perspective on life. While kidney disease sucks and Camden will battle it for the rest of his life, I wouldn’t change my little guy for anything.
3 years and 1 month ago, we ran Camden on dialysis for the last time. He had his kidney transplant and then 4 weeks later began a year long fight against rejection. Camden is a fighter, and he has now had his kidney longer than he was on dialysis!
1 year ago Camden was living his wish granted to him by Make-A-Wish Oregon. It has been an awesome and intense ride so far and Make-A-Wish gifted our family the trip of a lifetime to Disney World. I will never forget Camden’s squeals of delight as he watched the Wish Fireworks at Cinderella’s caste as he said “This is for me! It’s for my wish birthday!!”
Today through Saturday we have a chance to give back. We will be walking with his Wish Granters in the Make-A-Wish Oregon / Walk For Wishes. Will you join me in giving back by making a donation in Camden’s name and help other kids like Camden, who are fighting chronic and terminal illnesses, experience real joy amidst their pain?

Let’s make some wishes come true! Click HERE┬áto donate today and tomorrow!



Camden’s 2 Year Kidney-versary and Wish Party

Hey there everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted!! But I’m excited to share some happy news: Camden recently celebrated his 2 year kidney transplant-iversary!! Woohoo. It was a mellow day but I took the kids out for ice cream. I’m ao excited to share that he ate the whole bowl!!! Say what?!?! Even just a year ago, Camden wouldn’t have dreamed of touching ice cream. Before that, just putting it to his lips would induce vomiting. These little things are moments to celebrate in our world for sure!  

I’m also super stoked to share that Cam has been granted a wish by Make a Wish Oregon! The interview process was hilarious!! His Wish Granters asked him 3 main questions: if you could wish to have anything, if you could wish to go anywhere, and if you could wish to meet anyone, what would you wish for. My sweet boy had the best answers: 1. A rubber ducky, green! 2. To the park 3. My mom. LOL They got him talking about his love for Olaf though and he took off. For Camden’s wish, our whole family is headed to Orlando, FL to stay at Give Kids the World and visit Disney World. The kiddos are over the moon excited. 

He had his Wish Party yesterday, and it was amazing. We all had a ton of fun bouncing with our kiddos and celebrating all Cam and his sisters have been through! I have such amazing kiddos.  And guess what?!?! Camden ate the cake!!! That was a serious shocker. So happy for my little Titanium Baby. 

Sliding down the slide with Mama.


The Wish Kid




I love this one. He was so excited for the cake!


The fam with Cam’s Wish Granters


I’m so grateful for my kids, my amazing husband, the family, the friends, the medical staff, and the organizations that have supported us on this journey with kidney disease. While I hate the disease, Camden and his struggles and triumphs have blessed us so much. Our family is made stronger because of kidney disease. Thank you all for your love and continued support! Xoxo

Camden’s First Kidney-versary and 3rd Birthday

We’ve celebrated some big milestones this past month or so. Camden had the first anniversary of his kidney transplant (holy shit I’m not even sure how that’s possible) and he celebrated his third birthday (wow… three years, how far we’ve come! More on that later.) Here are some fun pictures from the big events.








Sometimes I don’t know where to begin…

Camden’s life, my life, is full of constant ups and downs. People ask how I am doing, how Camden is doing, and I am at a loss for words. What do I say?! “Well he was in the hospital not that long ago for a virus that wiped out his white blood cell count…” yada yada yada. Cuz that’s what I feel like, it’s just yada yada. We always have something. It’s great when we are on an upswing. When people say “he looks so good” and I say “yeah he does” and then find the nearest wood to knock on. That’s kind of how I feel like it is lately. Living on borrowed time. Always wondering what’s next to hit and when. I don’t know how to talk to people about my fears, my stress, my anxiety, my real life. I’ve talked to a lot of people about shutting down the blog. But I have friends who encourage me to put it out there, to speak my truth. Camden’s truth and my truth.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We spent a very lovely two weeks in the mountains, celebrating the holidays with family. It was such a nice time out (or time in depending on how you see it) where we could focus on family and fun and the joy in a child’s eyes! It was amazing and rejuvenating.

The big kids all got skis right away. We had snowshoes and cross county skis and toboggans for Cam, but he was having NONE of it. “Skis please, Mama. Skis please, Mama! Skis PLEASE MAMA!” Camden insisted, not one to ever be held back! So he got to ski too. And he pointed them straight down the hill and took off. Ha. We quickly got him a harness. He loved it!













Happy Holidays!